Car Specs

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Promo Kart
Indy Model I01
Go Kart Data, 9/09

Engine:  Robins, Subaru, 6 hp
Length:  88 inches (8” longer than the old car)
Width:   38.5 inches
Weight:  175 lbs (25lbs heavier than the old car)
Frame: Metal, 1” tube design
Fiberglass Body
Roll Bar
Shoulder/Lap Belt- Right Clip
Rear Disk Brake- Single Disk
12”X6.00-6” Slick Tires
Live Rear Axle- Both Rear Tires are Motor Driven
Steering Wheel- Metal, Butterfly Style

Promo Karts
Watseka, IL 

Mini Indy Car Notes:
The 600X6 slick tires and rim are used for the front and rear.  The rim is two halves bolted together to the hub flange. The front wheels use the same bearings, spindle bolt and nut size as the old car. However, the front wheel hub does not have the spacer between the bearings. You will damage the front wheel bearings if you over-tighten the wheel nut. You may manufacture your own spacers.

Live Axle. The rear drive is a single axle and disk brake system. The motor drives the sprocket, fixed to the axle which rotates both left and right rear tires. Rear wheel hubs do not have bearings (1”diameter, keyed hub). For safety, teams will not be allowed to remove either rear wheels for pit stops. Teams must jack the front or side of the car and remove the right front wheel for pit stops.  

Car Body
. NO CUTTING or modification to the body is allowed for driver access on the new car. The new car is larger than the previous Manco car. The driver cockpit is therefore larger, making it easier to get in and out.  See Vehicle Rules for information on trimming knee area of car body.

Car Numbers. Car numbers must be displayed on both sides of the rear wing and the center of the front body cone, in contrasting colors, no less than 5” tall. Contact Mo Vaquera for your number assignment.

Tire Pressures. The Mini Indy Tech Team will control tire pressures to 25 psi max. Previously, teams were allowed to manage the car tire pressures. The new slick tires are wider, 2 ply (30 psi rated) verses 4 ply (50 psi rated) and will balloon when inflated above 25 psi.

Roll Bar Head Rest Pad. Promo Karts was not able to provide a roll bar head rest. Teams may install a head rest pad to the roll bar.

Spare Parts. Please order your spare parts directly from Mo Vaquera at SkyWest Airlines. There will be spare parts available during the event from the Tech Team.