2018 Results

2018 Official Results

  • Grand Champions - Overall Score
    1st (tied):    SkyWest RAVE 86 and AAR Landing                           Gear Services
    3rd:   Walmart Distribution
  • Race Winners
    1st:    Walmart Distibution
    2nd:   Honeywell
    3rd:    Aviall - A Boeing Company
  • Bristol Division
    1st:     Walmart Distibution
    2nd:    Honeywell
    3rd:     Parr Brown
  • Daytona Division
    1st:    AAR Landing Gear Services
    2nd:   Aviall - A Boeing Company
    3rd:    Bombardier 90
  • Fastest Pit Crew
    1st:  Embraer
    2nd: Walmart Distribution
    3rd:  Honeywell
  • Best-Looking Car
    1st:   SkyWest RAVE 86
    2nd:  Enterprise
    3rd:   SkyWest RAVE 72, Safran Landing Systems,             ATS Components
  • Best Uniforms
    1st:   AAR Landing Gear Services
    2nd:  Enterprise
    3rd:  Safran Landing Systems
  • Best Theme
    1st:   AAR Landing Gear Services
    2nd:  City of St. George
    3rd:   Enterprise
  • Pit Masters
    1st:   Walmart Distribution
    Fan Favorite: ATS Components / AQRD   
  • Golf
    1st:   Nitto
    2nd:  Findlay
    3rd:   Honeywell
  • 4-Wheeler Winner
    Crystal Aldrich – SkyWest Airlines   
  • Thank You! 
    We appreciate your participation and thank you for helping make Mini Indy a success!