2014 Results

2014 Official Results

  • Grand Champions - Overall Score
    1st:    Future Aviation, Inc.
    2nd:   Wencor/Trelleborg
    2nd:   SkyWest RAVE #72
  • Race Winners
    1st:    Air Services 
    2nd:   AAR 
    3rd:    Aviall
  • Bristol Division
    1st:     AAR 
    2nd:    TACOR / InTech Aerospace
    3rd:    SkyWest RAVE #14
  • Daytona Division
    1st:    Air Services
    2nd:   StandardAero
    3rd:   Aviall
  • Fastest Pit Crew
    1st:  SkyWest RAVE #72 
    2nd: SkyWest RAVE #94
    3rd:  Future Avation, Inc.
  • Best-Looking Car
    1st:   Aero Parts Mart / Aero Turbine
    2nd:  Wencor/Trelleborg
    3rd:   C&D Zodiac
  • Best Uniforms
    1st:   Future Aviation, Inc.
    2nd:  Aero Parts Mart / Aero Turbine
    3rd:  Professional Aircraft Accessories
  • Best Theme
    1st:   Future Aviation
    2nd:  Aero Parts Mart
    3rd:  AAR
  • Pit Masters
    1st:   Future Aviation, Inc.
    Fan Favorite: Aviall

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