SkyWest’s Mini Indy brings local, national and international businesses to St. George for an exciting charity event that puts the “fun” back into fundraising. Mini Indy generates funds for United Way Dixie, which in turn funds a number of Washington County-based charitable organizations and community programs, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Doctor’s Volunteer Clinic.

Check out some of these exciting Mini Indy stats:

  • In 2000, Mini Indy was born! Dubbed the Arthritis Mini Grand Prix in 2000, the first race featured high-style fiberglass cars with 5 HP gasoline engines racing in a series of heats.
  • Since its inception, Mini Indy has raised nearly $2 million for charities including United Way Dixie and the SkyWest Scholarship Fund.
  • In the first Mini Indy, 13 cars raced; in 2019, we had more than 30 cars!
  • The race takes place at the former St. George airport -- where it all began for SkyWest Airlines!
  • Mini Indy Race Rules: The teams are divided into two divisions: Daytona and Bristol. Each division will race in four heats (ten laps per heat). During each heat, all teams are required to make two pit stops. The top 20 teams will advance to the championship race!
  • On race day, trophies will be awarded to the Overall Grand Champion (along with two runners-up), Race Champion (and two runners-up); and Division Champions (and two runners-up). Other Mini Indy competitions include: Fastest Pit Stop Team, Best-Looking Race Team, Best-Looking Racecar, and the Barbeque Competition.
  • Mini Indy racers reach speeds up to 27 miles per hour on five horsepower engines!