see you next year
590x294 MiniIndy 4Wheeler Cancelled
03 20 2019MiniIndy RaceDay561 v2

2019 First Place Winners - AAR Landing Gear Services

03 20 2019MiniIndy RaceDay554 v2

2019 Second Place Winners - SkyWest RAVE 00

03 20 2019MiniIndy RaceDay548 v2

2019 Third Place - Wencor

Mini Indy 2020 has been canceled. We will see you in 2021.
Welcome to the official Mini Indy website! Here, you can explore and learn about all things “Mini Indy” – from the background of this charitable event to how you can get involved. Mini Indy is sponsored by SkyWest Airlines and the City of St. George, with all proceeds benefiting United Way Dixie. Since the event’s inception, more than one million dollars have been raised to support local charities.

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