Mini Indy 10 Year Stats

  • In 2000, Mini Indy is born! Todd Wilkinson, SkyWest's Director of Aircraft Spares comes up with the idea after watching Comair host a similar style of Indy race benefiting an arthritis foundation. 
  • Dubbed the Arthritis Mini Grand Prix in 2000, the first race featured high-style fiberglass cars with 5 HP gasoline engines racing in a series of heats.
  • Since its inception, Mini Indy has raised more than $900,000 for United Way Dixie, and nearly $190,000 for SkyWest's scholarship fund resulting in 271 scholarships.
  • Thirteen cars lined up for the first Mini Indy. These same teams have supported the event ever since. 
  • Teams have traveled from all over the world - Brazil, Canada, Nashville, Australia and Europe to participate in the adrenaline-pumping event.