Team Member Rules

1. Drivers are required to be familiar with all the rules listed below, and will be tested prior to entering the practice track. Team leaders are responsible to ensure all team members are familiar with the rules prior to competing in the SkyWest Airlines Mini Indy. Drivers and participants must be at least 18 years of age.
2. Pit teams must have a minimum of two (2) drivers (one in car) and a minimum of three (3) crew team members (six maximum total).
3. Course perimeters, Pit Area and Inspection Areas will be restricted to approved team members and at the discretion of race officials only.
4. All team participants must sign event insurance waivers and be appropriately registered prior to participating in any scheduled events.
5. Any and all decisions are made with safety as the prime consideration. Race Officials and their decisions are to be considered final.
6. Team members are expected to act responsibly at all times and will be held accountable for their own actions.
7. Alcohol and/or chemical substances or the consumption of these items are strictly prohibited during or prior to any event.
8. Any loose clothing, long hair or loose articles must be controlled and managed by the individual to prevent being caught in vehicle moving parts.
9. All participants are required to wear the following minimum safety equipment while participating in event driving or during the race:

  • Long sleeve shirt, jacket or uniform- No short sleeves 
  • Coveralls-Full length race uniform- Full length pants 
  • Full cover shoes – No open toe or sandal style shoe 
  • When driving, gloves, eye protection and helmet are required in addition to the above listed equipment.

10. Spectators are restricted to areas designated as spectator areas. At no time are spectators allowed access to restricted RACE PARTICIPANT areas.