Race Rules

1. Race Drivers shall be aware that unsportsmanlike conduct and un-safe driving practices can result in a 10-second stop-and-go penalty that is administered by active race course officials.

2. Pit lane officials are there to ensure pit stop rules are complied with and team members observe safe practices. Pit lane rule violations will be noted by pit officials and appropriate stop-and-go penalties administered by race officials.

3. Any cars involved in apparent serious incidents/accidents are required to have drivers report to onsite paramedic services and to have their car inspected by technical team members before re-entering the race.

4. Any driver attempting to pass other active race cars is responsible for safe practices and conduct. Any car deemed to be blocking another car or driving in a reckless manner may be "black flagged." Black flagged means that the driver must STOP at the direction of the race official giving the black flag and must remain in that location until otherwise instructed.

5. All drivers must obey any signals or directions given by race officials. Failure to do so will result in a "Black Flag."
    Black Flag    Specific driver must stop at the direction of the race official
    Red Flag    Danger on course, slow down, do not pass, race will be stopped at start line and restarted         
    Yellow Flag    Danger on course, slow down, do not pass
    White Flag    Last lap, next lap, checkered flap
    Checkered Flag   End of race at start line, after start line slow down, do not pass
    Green Flag    Begin race, do not pass until crossing the start line                                                               

6. The pit stop will consist of driver signaling to enter pit lane (one hand, high waving). Car entering pit lane is responsible to avoid other cars and personnel. Car must stop within the designated pit box (pit cannot continue until car is within designated pit box). Driver must be changed out and buckled in, front left wheel must be removed, tapped on ground, reinstalled and secured with spindle nut.  Pit crew can push assist car only within pit box.

7. The tool used to jack the car for removing the wheel must be hand operated mechanical and not assisted by compressed air or battery (electric) powered.  The tool used to remove the wheel axle nut must be hand operated mechanical and not assisted by compressed air, hydraulics, springs or battery/electric powered. Examples of approved tools are; Crank style speed wrench, ratchet and socket, crescent wrench, mini wheel spanners (similar to 60s cross lug nut wrench).